A 7-day self-study program to activate your writing superpowers and learn to leverage the power of your story to take your brand to the next level .

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Over the years, I’ve served thousands of clients.

Again and again, I meet brilliant women who struggle with writing.

Women who are WILDLY self-expressed in their lives… yet when it comes time to get the words out on paper they freeze in self-judgement.

But what if instead of being afraid to share your story…

You used your words to transform thousands of lives?

Discovering and nurturing the writer within you is one of the most important steps you will take as a lightworker, creative, community leader, entrepreneur, and service-provider.

Dare to Express is an invitation for every woman with a vision.

On the other side of fear, resistance, and writer’s block is a field of magnetic opportunity…

You can come into 2022 knowing how to leverage your unique story to build intimate relationships between your brand and your “fuck yes” clients.

So I ask you…

What would be possible if you dumped your limiting beliefs and became the true author of your vision?

Value $599

Buy TODAY for $88!

What you’ll learn in the 7-day bundle

Each day there will be…

An interactive writing lesson + The Creatrix Storytelling Model taught by Jolie Dawn

Workbook with notes and daily challenges to put your writing ideas into action

Custom membership portal to access all resources

“The future is completely open and we are writing it moment to moment”


Day 1

Dare to Express – Kicking Off Your Writing Journey

First, we will focus on reclaiming your art as a devotee of self-expression. I’ll share 5 creative ways to use writing to build revenue for your business.

Day 2

The Business of Writing

We’ll cover both direct and indirect ways that writing can bring in revenue, and explore how writing can be your Path to Prosperity.

Day 3

The Art of Self-Publishing
We’ll cover the entire process of bringing the art of a book to life. From writing, to publication, to an Amazon launch – we’ll cover it all! BONUS: How self-publishing leads to paid publishing deals.

Day 4

The Psychology of Writing
Let’s talk about it– the tough stuff! If you feel like you are the only one getting in your way… you won’t want to miss this chat. We’ll cover WHY that happens, how to break through self-judgement and limiting beliefs, and how to declare yourself as a writer. An author. A creative.

Day 5

Awaken Your Creative Self-Expression For Social Media & Content
We’ll focus on learning how to leave your audience CAPTIVATED on social media. Whether you need to build your brand or engage your existing audience… we’ll activate your power of storytelling. If you struggle to create a content calendar you can actually stick to… be sure to join us for this chat.

Day 6

Authenticity as Digital Currency
I’m going to share more of MY story with you. It’s been a long and winding road over the last decade, but I have learned a LOT about harnessing my power of authenticity and self-expression… and I want to share it ALL with you.

Day 7

“Tell Your Story” Framework

We’ll cover the FRAMEWORK for telling your story so powerfully that it leaves your audience MOVED. We’ll also cover how to incorporate storytelling into your stage talk, books, podcast, social media, and beyond.

Value $599

Buy today for $88!

Writing is your ticket to prosperity, legacy, and impact.

Jolie Dawn

This has never been more true in the digital age. Copywriting is the most challenging thing to outsource (and the most expensive!).

Why? Because it is an ART.

Because your voice is uniquely you.

Every single thing you have gone through in your life – your pain, your frustrations, your healing, your happiness…

No one can tell that story but YOU.

And there is NOTHING more powerful than a woman telling her truth.

This is your moment to declare yourself as an artist through writing.

I dare you to express… Will you accept the dare?

This bundle is for you if…

This writing intensive is for you if…

Value $599

Purchase today for $88!


I can’t say enough about Jolie and her team. I met Jolie through a free online challenge and since then experienced so much expansion, hope, and vitality. I blossomed in my personal life and in my business. I'm blessed to have met Jolie personally, she's truly a breath of fresh air to humanity.

Crystal Hitchcock

Jolie’s teachings are a huge part of my success journey. I truly believe in the power of her work. She’s helped me tremendously in my life's journey and in my continued success. I will forever follow Jolie’s offerings— I love everything she does and the way she takes a stand to empower women!

Danielle Jones

I knew I was destined for more in my business, and that there was more money to be made. I called on Jolie to help guide me and show me the way.. and I had my biggest month EVER in my business at $50k USD. Jolie, you have this amazing ability to make women feel like they can conquer the world.

Tameika Gentles

A bit about me…

Writing has always been important to me. It’s been my path of healing, my method of building a community around my company, Prosperity Queendom Inc…

And hands down the most important skill I’ve EVER learned that’s enabled me to convert offers effectively and consistently.

I know the pain of knowing that you need to learn, but not knowing where to start…
Of being confused and overwhelmed by all of the rules and strategies for writing strong copy…
Of feeling like you just “don’t have natural writing skills”…
Of behind on copywriting, email marketing, content, and community building…

I know the feeling of “no one has time to read what I have to say…”
And “I’m not a disciplined person, so I can’t write…”
And “Grammar isn’t my strong suit…”
And, the kicker: “my writing isn’t good enough.”

But I realized pretty early on in my career that I could use writing as a bridge to create intimate connections with my audience.

It started as long-form blog posts on Facebook. I was living my life out loud, and people were taking notice!

Then in 2015, I wrote and self-published my first book (Empowered, Sexy, and Free) and my career took off… big time.

I hit the Amazon bestsellers list in the most competitive category of spirituality self-help, ranking among the most prolific authors of our time like Eckhart Tolle and Marianne Williamson.

From here my career started on an accelerated growth trajectory… a true “quantum leap” if you will!

The success on Amazon got me noticed by Pacific Magazine and I won San Diego’s Top 30 Under 30, ranking among tech startups, visionary influencers, and multi 7-figure earning tech moguls.

Things were really starting to take off.

On New Years Eve of 2019, I wrote down 8 simple words that changed my life forever…

“This year, I will be paid to write.”

Just 3 days later, I got an email from New World Library asking if I would like to publish my book (Empowered, Sexy, and Free) with them.

Yeah, that’s the same publishing house that The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle was published.

I nearly fell out of my seat!

Since then, my business has never been the same!

In 2021 my company did over half a million in cash, consistently producing multi 6-figure launches.

…All from the power of using my voice and crafting my ideas into written words!

And with the recent second-edition launch of Empowered, Sexy, and Free, I’m certain that my success knows no bounds.

So, this is to all women with a dream. Don’t give up. Your lucky break is just around the corner, on the other side of your fear and resistance.

Dare to make your story come alive on the page…  let your confidence sing through your words...  express who you are… claim your legacy on the page… become a magnet of opportunity… become the author of your highest vision...

Join us and burst into this year with the full force of your creativity. 

The universe is ready for you to tell your truth.

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Dare To Express Bundle

Value $599

Buy today for $88!

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